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Our boots first hit the ground in Denver, Colorado, followed by a number of trips over a one year period to Kentucky and Tennessee, and then on to Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, and Arizona. We met with seed providers, growers, processors, and groups with various distribution and retail channels. There were days we had soil from hemp fields covering our boots and trichomes under our fingernails and days with hair nets and booties while we watched harvested hemp travel through the extraction process, with the pleasing sounds of CO2 crackling as it released from the remnants.

We sat across several conference tables from leaders in each part of the supply chain, and we heard the unique vantage points, challenges, victories, and passion from every one of them.

We walked away with an invaluable and up-close education and understanding of the most exciting space that the United States has seen in a long time. Through this diligence and with this understanding, Generation Hemp has specifically identified opportunities and has begun to build relationships with many different supply chain operators.


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Gauging opportunity through education, data & experience
Seeds & Cultivars

From variety to variety and certified to certified, there is a-lot of critical information needed when looking into seeds and the consistency in a variety's or cultivar's genetics. One thing we have found as we've explored the seed segment of the supply chain, is to verify, verify, and verify once again.

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There is a massive amount of information involved in the planning, planting, cultivation, production, pest management, harvesting, drying, and storage of Hemp - even farmers of more traditional crops who have swapped out acreage to grow hemp have had a few kinks to work out. The hemp plant is very forgiving but you want to maximize its ultima value.

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An overview of the most widely used technologies in hemp processing and the extraction of its valuable crude.

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Distribution & Sales

Finding distribution channels for product sales is critical, and the landscape is changing as quickly as the rest of the industry. Here is a look at the evolution, the challenges, the opportunities, and some projections.

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Management Team

Gary C. Evans

Chairman & CEO

Anthony Andora

Capital Markets Consultant

Rob Sanders

Advisory Director​


Hemp Chats

Kentucky's Hemp Hub - Hemp Chat IV

Nearly all states in the U.S. have cleared the way for Hemp and its derivatives. As an early mover and with a supportive government, Kentucky has made great progress in a well-developed infrastructure to support the Hemp industry.

Why We Chose Midstream First - Hemp Chat III

Generation Hemp, Inc.'s Chairman and CEO, Gary C. Evans talks about what influenced the company's decision to focus first on Hemp's midstream segment for acquisition and plans to replicate that model.

Hemp vs. Marijuana - Hemp Chat II

Generation Hemp, Inc.: Hemp Chat II The critical difference that separates hemp from marijuana