The New Wild West

There is a massive amount of information involved in the planning, planting, cultivation, production, pest management, harvesting, drying, and storage of Hemp - even farmers of more traditional crops who have swapped out acreage to grow hemp have had a few kinks to work out. The hemp plant is very forgiving but you want to maximize its ultima value.

There has also been a significant amount of volatility in costs, in market prices, in industry expectations, and more. However, as the regulatory environment becomes more clear, we should see a move toward increased market stability, a reduction in price volatility and an overall improvement in market efficiencies.

Grower's Focus

Is Market Focus

Generation Hemp, Inc. has spent time on site with growers - some growing from seed and some growing from clones. We have walked through vast acres of outdoor farms and square footage of indoor farms.

The majority of growing operations are taking advantage of the market for flower (CBD and other cannabinoids), and while that will continue, Generation Hemp is also taking a close look at Hemp for Hurd and Fiber.

The Other Hemp

An Opportunity

In 2019, an estimated 8,000 -10,000 acres of the approximated 230,000 acres of planted hemp, were planted for seed or grain. An estimate of less than 1,000 acres were planted for hurd and fiber. The attractive return on investment, including sweat and risk investments, make growing flower varieties of hemp the obvious, current choice in a young U.S. market.

Hemp For Fiber

It's Coming

However, the currently under-utilized fiber varieties of hemp in the U.S., combined with global statistics of hemp for building materials/textile purposes, show a significant opportunity.

With the U.S. landscape and the global landscape in mind, the information below illustrates the untapped growing opportunities in the U.S. for building material/textile and other applications of hemp.


Total U.S. Acres



Total U.S. Acres



Total U.S. Acres



U.S. Acres licensed



Total U.S. Acres


How We Used This Gathered Information

Our Takeaway

As this section indicates, Generation Hemp, Inc. has used global data, historical data, and its collective experience to recognize that this first phase of Hemp's reintroduction into the U.S. economy will be closely followed by an explosion of Industrial Hemp's fiber varieties grown and utilized for building materials, textiles, and other utilizations that are outside the pursuit of cannabinoids...and it will change the world.

We have aggressively sought out the few players that are in this space in the U.S. and are taking steps to help facilitate the infrastructure that is needed for Industrial Hemp to be more fully embraced by growers and manufacturers. We are confident that we will have a first-mover advantage and be a major player in this segment.