About Us

Hemp The New Black Gold

Our Roots

Generation Hemp, Inc. is formed of a legacy team, led by Gary C. Evans. When Evans decided to enter the Hemp Industry, he hand-selected the team that he knew had the skillsets, the passion, and the drive to launch a new company, in a new and quickly developing space.

Evans has a deep professional history in the Energy Sector and Banking; founding Magnum Hunter Resources Inc. (MHR 1.0) in 1985, overseeing the growth of the company that he started with an initial $1,000 investment, and eventually selling that company 20 years later for ~$2.2 billion. He went on to raise over $6 Billion during his career through multiple financial vehicles ranging from equity, preferred stock, debt, subordinated debentures, etc..., and founded several other companies throughout his career in the energy sector.

Over a year ago, Evans began immersing himself in Hemp. With extensive research uncovering more and more of the long-oppressed value of Hemp in the United States, Evans made the most drastic life change he's ever endeavored. He decided to use his lifelong experience and extensive contacts to hit the pavement and become an advocate and supporter of Hemp, which meant ending an era that his entire professional identity was anchored in. This year, he has tirelessly met with investors, other businesspeople (big and small), and government officials from several states to help engage as many people of influence to become aware, educated, and supportive of Hemp. He has also positioned himself and his new company Generation Hemp, Inc. (OTCQB: GENH) to collaborate with existing Hemp companies that need access to capital in order to grow. GENH is in the process of becoming a complete vertical company (seed to sales) and positioned to become one of the first publicly listed pure-play Hemp companies.


Initial Target Footprint


Generation Hemp, Inc. is building an elite team through acquisitions of and joint ventures with companies that have individually carved out a stronghold in the hemp space through their own hard work, perseverance, and vision. A team that will combine forces, expertise, and talent to create a seed to sale powerhouse and continue to help shape the highest standards in operations, in business dealings, and ultimately in products offered to the consumer that builds trust in our name, mission, and in the industry as a whole.


Generation Hemp, Inc. is positioned to become a leader in the current Hemp landscape, where cannabinoids are driving business, and a trailblazer as we usher in and develop vast opportunities in the untapped Industrial Hemp space in the U.S.

While consumers continue to discover benefits through exploring cannabinoids that make a difference in their everyday lives, we seek to bring the best to market to ensure the quality of the process and its results.

Industrial Hemp has the power to change this world. Bioplastics made from hemp that disintegrate, one acre of hemp to replace 4.1 acres of trees for paper, hemp insulation that doesn’t lead to health concerns, hemp hurds to create fiberboard for building, hemp car parts, hemp airplane parts, and the list goes on and on.